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Set CronJobs Freely Without Any Website

Set Cronjobs Freely

Set Cronjobs Freely:- CronJobs is a Linux Utility which a Schedules command or script on your server to run automatically at a specified time and date. A cronjob is a Schedules Task it self. According to this cronjobs works like a function which is update a short time interval which …

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How To Make Facebook Working Bot Site

Facebook Working Bot Site:- Bot is a robot Website which give auto comment in every post of you Friends. Some Bot Site Is Working Facebook Butt Some Are Not Allow. Bot is a program in common language which post automatic comments to your friends post and provide interface to your BOTsite. There …

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CronDash Site for Your Facebook Bot Site

CronDash Site

CronDash Site:-                                          If Cron job cron job every Facebook botter now a days searching free cronsite  to active their bot. Cronjob is actually method in which you set a time …

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How To Make Personal Bot Site 2016

In This Trick We Learn That How To Make Bot Site.                      Now Make Make Bot Site There Are Many Free Hosting Available which provide Free Bot Site. Butt Many Free Hosting Sites Never Provide Bot Because He Does not Provide Any Bot. Today PakiTips Will …

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