500-foot 2-conductor 10 Gauge Primary Stranded Cable For Accessory Hookup Ultra-flex Exterior Resists Temperature Extremes Premium Quality Two Conductor All Copper Stranded Cable DEEJAY LED TBH102C500

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EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE: Heavy gauge is useful for wiring high power components and low loss high power speaker systems for home, car, stage or studio. Color coded red and black. The Red and Black cables are joined until pulled apart
SOUND QUALITY FOR SPEAKER: Premium quality two conductor all copper stranded cable. MAJIMBE Series. Delivers fine quality sound in long home theater cable runs. Use this wire to connect speakers to your stereo or home theater receiver
EASY TO INSTALL: Made up of two 10 gauge strands of wire with a red and black casing. This wire, also called zip wire and can easily be pulled apart if needed. Made out of Copper Clad Aluminum Wire, and cut off of a spool to the length ordered
LOW RESISTANCE: This speaker wire is very flexible for easy installation. This wire has two separate colored outer casings to easily identify the positive and negative wires.This is high quality 10 gauge professional speaker wire
HIGH QUALITY: Easily connect your battery to your system’s amplifier with this distinctive CCA wire. From design, engineering and construction, this power/ground wire is built not only to look good but to maximize the performance of any audio system