Accept Facebook All Friends Request Via Mobile

Accept Facebook All Friends Request Via Mobile:-

Many People which are accept Facebook All Friends from Computer or Laptop. They are not know that All Friends Request can Accept from Mobile. So PakiTips give you a Best Trick that in which we can easily Accept All Facebook Friends Request at once  From Mobile.

Even people make Facebook female account to add friends frequently but all need a smart work. We know it helps a lot and save time. So today we are going to discuss about how to accept all friend requests on Facebook at once Using Mobile.
Normally if our only motive is to increase friends on Facebook. Even we start getting more request as compare to normal user. So the problem we Facebook to accept them one by one which consume a lot of precious time. But don’t worry here is method to accept all friend requests on Facebook Via Mobile. 


Accept Facebook All Friends Request Via Mobile



Accept Facebook All Friends Request Via Mobile


Step:1) Open Google Chrome or Another Browser in your Mobile.
Now login your Facebook Account in which do you Accept All Friends Request.
Step:3) After login if you Allow Already { HTC Token in your Account So All Right } Otherwise Here is telling you that How To Allow HTC Token .


How To Allow HTC Token In Our Account

Step:4) Click on this Link to Allow HTC.


Friends Request In Mobile

Step:5) Click On Ok or Allow.


HTC Token


Step:6) I have been already Allow this Permission you will be New User you will Select Ok in Two Times on Two Small Box As like as Show in Screen shot.

Step:7) After allow this Permission Now Get Token of your Facebook Account.
Step:8) Click On Link to get Access Token.

If you Allow HTC token in your Account you will get Access Token Otherwise if you not Allow this Permission you will never get Access Token.


HTC Token


Step:9) Now select All in This Box And Copy All Token.


HTC Token


Step:10) After copy this.
Step:11) Now Open this Web To Accept All Friends Request From link Below.


Click Here To Accept All Friends Request Using Mobile


Step:12) Now Paste your Access Token here.
Step:13) And Click on ” Load Now  “.


Accept All Friends Request


Step:14) Now Click on Confirm All Friends Request.


Facebook Token


Confirm All Request And Enjoy Like PakiTips Tricks.



In this tutorial you can just Accept All Friends Request Not You Can Remove All Friends Request Or Unfriend All Friends Request Or Add All Friends In your Facebook Group Using This Method .