AmScope T340A-DK-LED Siedentopf Trinocular Compound Microscope, 40X-1600X Magnification, Brightfield/Darkfield, WF10x and WF16x Eyepieces, LED Illumination, Abbe Condenser, Double-Layer Mechanical Stage

Price: $417.89
(as of Oct 27,2021 10:19:49 UTC – Details)

Trinocular compound microscope provides high magnification for biological use and educational applications
Siedentopf trinocular head with interchangeable pairs of 10x widefield and 16x widefield eyepieces with 48 to 75mm inter-pupillary adjustment, fixed 30-degree vertical inclination to reduce eye and neck strain, and 360-degree rotation capability to provide a more comprehensive view and enable sharing
Reverse-mounted nosepiece with 4x, 10x, 40xS (spring), and 100xS (spring, oil) DIN achromatic objectives that provide color correction of magnified images
Brightfield and dry darkfield, LED illumination, 1.25 NA Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm for clear examination and light control, and dry darkfield condenser with 0.7 to 0.8 NA
Double-layer mechanical stage, with 1.0mm stage divisions, locks slide into place and provides precise slide manipulation along the X- and Y-axis to allow coordinates to be recorded, enabling the viewer to return to a specific location on the slide


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