AT&T CL80114 Accessory Handset Only; Requires CL82x14, CL82x64, CL83x14, CL83x64, Or CL83484 to Operate

(as of UTC – Details)

Accessory Handset only—requires a CL82114, CL82214, CL82314, CL82364, CL82414, CL82464, CL82514, CL83114, CL83214, CL83314, CL83364, CL83414, CL83464 or CL83484 to operate
Enlarged font and extra-large, Backlit keys make the keypad easy to use. This feature is especially helpful for those who are visually Impaired.
Eco mode manages power consumption so the system uses less energy and you get the best battery life.
Silence the Ringer on the handset and base for just a moment or for an extended period of time.
Note: This is ONLY an Accessory Handset without the base