7 Wood Tools Which You Must Have

Best Wood Tools

Even if you’re just starting with woodworking, there are few best wood tools which you need to have. These are the most basic tools which even a big nerd woodworker would need. Today we would share with you 7 such tools which you need to always have when you’re starting with woodworking.

Best Wood Tools


1:- Circular Saw:

A circular saw would help you in getting that finesse in your woodworking right from the start. Instead of using it as sole equipment, it is a much better idea to use it with the clamp on the straight edge. This would help you in getting the cut side.


2:- Power Drill:

While many people prefer the cordless drill but cordless drills are actually pretty expensive. Also, when you’re just starting out with woodworking, you would not need cordless drills at all. That is why it is a much better option for you to opt for the corded power drill. You can go with the keyed power drill or the keyless power drill.


3:- Jigsaw:

During woodworking, there would be instances when you would have to opt for the circular cut or curved cut. At such points of time, the jigsaw would come to your rescue. You can opt for the corded jigsaw with orbital action which would help you in getting the cut easily.


4:- Orbital Sander:

In order to get proper finishing in your woodworking, you would always need a sander. Orbital sanders are one of the most popular options which you have currently. Such sanders come in the random motions as well which ensures that there is no particular pattern and the sanding is much evener.


5:- Tables Saw:

Once you are able to get your hands on the above four tools which we have highlighted, the next tool which you should definitely get is the table saw. The table saw would help you in getting large pieces of wood quite easily. Also, there are plenty of options available when it comes to table saw. This would ensure that you are able to get the one which perfectly fits your budget.


6:- Wood Router:

A  Wood router is simply a must-have tool when you’re starting with woodworking. You can choose between the stationary base router or the router with the plunging bass. When you’re just starting out, the router of 2 hp would be more than enough. The router of that power would have variable speeds which would help you with your woodworking tasks.


7:- Compound Saw:

The compound miter saw, makes cutting wood at compound angles a much easier task. You can even opt for the combination based cutting with the help of this. Once you are able to get this saw, you can be sure that the circular saw would be used much less.


So, when you’re just beginning with woodworking, instead of buying multiple woodworking tools which you would not need for a long period of time, it is important to start with the 7 best wood tools. Once you are able to get your hands on the 7 wood tools, you would find that most of the other wood tools are not needed at all unless and until you’re going for complex woodworking projects.


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