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Latest Facebook Tips and Tricks.

How To Remove Someone Facebook Account

Remove Someone Facebook Account

Remove Someone Facebook Account:- Many People have tired many times and ways to report someone’s Facebook account , but nothing happens and still he has his account , he creates many fake pages and publish personal family photos , this is very serious issue , i have reported to facebook but …

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How To Make Facebook Working Bot Site

Facebook Working Bot Site:- Bot is a robot Website which give auto comment in every post of you Friends. Some Bot Site Is Working Facebook Butt Some Are Not Allow. Bot is a program in common language which post automatic comments to your friends post and provide interface to your BOTsite. There …

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How To Hack Facebook Account Without Phishing Method

Facebook Hacking Without Phishing

Facebook Hacking Without Phishing:- I have already posted two posts on How to hack Facebook account password, first using the Keyloggers and other is using Phishing. Today I am going to reveal all the methods used by hackers to hack Facebook account password. If you know these methods then you can protect yourself from getting hacked …

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New Facebook Color Codes

Facebook Color Codes

Facebook Color Codes:- In This Trick PakiTips Will Show That Many Facebook Color Codes Which You Can Type in Your Comment Or Facebook Timeline So Text Will Colorless On If You want to color my mobile phone application with a background color like Facebook’s blue background color. So what is …

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How To See Hidden Phone Number On Facebook

See Hidden Phone Number

See Hidden Phone Number:- There are many people use Facebook in the World. When people make account on Facebook so Facebook get Phone Number From People to Verify his Account. When people give his phone number and verify its  Account So, its Facebook Privacy  that which number you give its …

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