How To Change Facebook Color

How To Change Facebook Color Without Any Extension

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If you want to Change Facebook Website color SO you need to Follow these Steps and Change Your Facebook Color Without Any Extension Or Software.

So Now Start To Change Facebook Color

Step:1) First Of All Your Need To Open Any Browser.
Step:2) UC Browser Is Best.

Step:3) Now Login Your Facebook Account.
Step:4) After Login Now Press Ctrl+Shift+J    or     ” Open Inspect Element And Open Console “



Step:5) Then Paste This Script In Console.

Click Here To Get Stylish DP Script

Step:6) Now Copy All Script.


Step:7) After Copy Now Paste In Console.



Step:8) Now Press ” Enter ” .Your  Facebook Web Or Will Colorless.




After Follow this trick and Stylish Your DP If you Want to like this Tricks So Share With Your Friends.

If you like this script so Good otherwise you don’t like this script so you need to Get Script From Google.
Butt you could never find same script because this script i Get From Old App which are not available on Google so you will need to Install Facebook Theme Extension. If You Like this so you Have use This script and enjoy with best dp on Facebook.

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