Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days

Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days


facebook name change






This Trick Your Have Try After You Follow These Steps Which Are Given Below.

Step:1) Open Your Facebook Account.
Step:2) After Login Now Open This Link

Click Here To Change Name

Step:3) After Open This Lin Now Give   First & Last  Name Which want To Keep.











Step:4) After Give Upload Acceptable  Card.
Step:5) After Upload Click Send.
Step:6) After Send Your Name Will Change in Few Hours.

After Follow this trick i think your name will change in few hour.
If You Don’t Mind One More Trick Which i Give I think Trick is very must and easily change your name without using any Govt. Card.
So Read Some Talk Which I Given Below.

If your are not GOVT card so one more method which tell that how to change your name before 60 Days
You will have to change your  password  10 times.
After Change 10 Time Password At a time So you Have Wait for 4 or 5 days
After spend these Days So its automatically Option Of Change Your Name
Now Change Name And Enjoy.
This Trick Your Name Change in 4 or 5 days now First Trick Your Name Will Changed In Few Hour Which Like Any Trick so You Have Try.

Muhammad Kazafi

SEO Expert