How To Delete Virus From My Computer

How To Delete Virus From My Computer








If you want to Exactly Remove virus From Your Computer And Secure you PC From Virus So this is Very Easy Trick Without Any Software. Now You Need To Follow These Steps And Delete Virus From Your Computer.

Now Start Remove Virus From Our Computer

Step:1) Turn On Your PC.
Step:2) Now Open Notepad.


Step:3) Then Type This in Your Notepad.






Step:4) Now Save this Notepad In Your Computer Desktop From this Name.

deleteHD.exe .exe



Step:5) Now Double Click on This File.










Step:6) Now Wait Few second your Computer Virus Will Exactly Remove.











After Follow steps and remove virus from your Computer Some condition about virus which are given below.
      Some virus which are normal so he removed from this method some are very hardest which come in our computer from web, Flash, or Attach Other Disk, So which virus will never remove from this method so you will need to Install any Antivirus.
Antivirus is Best Antivirus for remove PC Virus.

Many antivirus are present in Net but Avast is best antivirus for remove our pc Virus it will remove all Bad Virus From Our PC without any Cause so Install its And Enjoy

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