Accept Or Confirm All Facbook Friends Request at Once

Confirm All Facebook Friends Request:-

                                                                                    Facebook is rather one of the biggest social media platform ever. We make friends on Facebook and chat, share thoughts and memories through status, images and videos. Facebook is place where not only we make friends but many users play games, many developers, marketer, small business are dependant on Facebook. Just because Facebook is an easiest way to convey message to short period of time.

Facebook users can easily reach millions of people through pages and groups. We have already shared our thoughts about how to increase page likes. But not only through Facebook pages or groups even we can reach as many people through profile. We can make friends and increase followers.

Even people make Facebook female account to add friends frequently but all need a smart work. We already explained about how to add all friends to Facebook group on single Click. We know it helps a lot and save time. So today we are going to discuss about how to accept all friend requests on Facebook at once.

Normally if our only motive is to increase friends on Facebook. Even we start getting more request as compare to normal user. So the problem we Facebook to accept them one by one which consume a lot of precious time. But don’t worry here is method toaccept all friend requests on Facebook. If will help you accept them within few seconds.

Confirm All Facebook Friends Request

Confirm All Facebook Friends Request

Step:1) Open Google Chrome and Log in your Facebook account.
Step:2) After login your account now you can open this link.

Click Here To Open Link


Step:3) After open link now you can Press “F12”  through KeyBoard.


Step:4) After click now will open “Inspect Element”. Now you can Click “Console”.


Accept all friend

Step:5) After open Console now you can Paste this “Script”.


javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”).length;i++){document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”)[i].click();}void(0);



After paste this script now you can press Enter.


Accept or confirm all facebook friend request script

“Your friends will accept automatically”



Muhammad Kazafi

SEO Expert