How To Convert NTFS To Fat32 Without Losing Data

How To Convert NTFS To Fat32 Without Losing Data

Convert NTFS To Fat32






In this trick we learn that how i can change our window in NTFS to Fat32. There is easy method to converts its. I think if you read this so you will convert easily otherwise you will face some problems.

Now Start To Convert NTFS To Fat32

Step:1) First of all you Need to Turn On Your PC.
Step:2) Now Click Or ” Start Search ” or Press ” Window + R ”  And Open Run.









Step:3) Now Type  ”  cmd  ” in Run









Step:4) Now Type In cmd.

     convert d:/fs:ntfs



Step:5) Now Press Enter.
Step:6) Then Wait Few Second Your Window Will Concert NTFS To Fat 32 Without Losing Data.











               This method is irreversible unless you format your partition.

After learn this trick and change your Partition. Some Condition which you read i thick you will safe.
When converting NTFS to FAT32, you have only two methods. One is to format your NTFS partition. If there is enough free disk space in other partitions, you can copy data to free space and then format the NTFS partition to FAT32. After you reformat your previous NTFS partition to FAT32 partition, you can copy the data back. In addition, you can back up the blank FAT partition to an image file, then it’s convenient for you to convert partition format next time. And the other way is to use a third party NTFS to FAT32 converter.

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