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Cover Your Kingdom | Cover Your Assets Brand New & VERY Obnoxious Brother | A Magically Malicious Party Game for 2-8 Players 9+

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Cover Your Kingdom is an advanced adaptation of Grandpa Beck’s smash hit, Cover Your Assets. In this exciting and hilarious game you’ll each assume the role of a Ruler of your very own Magical Kingdom. The only problem is that your Kingdoms’ are all empty and devoid of Magic! To fix this, you’ll need to convince ridiculous fantasy Creatures, like Pigxies, UniqueHorns, SighClops, and Hentaurs to join your Kingdom by pairing them together to form Clans. Your Kingdom is divided into two Lands, the Highland and the Lowland. Most creatures will live in just one Land or the other (though a couple aren’t bright enough to care). Clans are stacked one atop the other within their proper land as they are acquired. The top Clan in each stack is exposed, and can be recruited by other Rulers! You must defend your Clans with Creatures of your own, or you will lose them! Every time a Clan changes Kingdoms it’s Magic value increases, as does the intensity of the game! Wild Creatures and Free Creatures add further strategy and mayhem to a contest that will make you regret not bolting the legs of your table to the floor! After all the Creatures have found a new home each Ruler’s Magic is tallied. The Ruler with the most Magic is crowned… THE MOST NOBLE AND SUPREME RULER OF MAGICAL MIGHT!IT’S MAGICALLY MALICIOUS: Cover Your Kingdom is an absurdly competitive and hilarious game. It’s perfect for parties and will be enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults alike
PLAY WITH 2-8 RULERS: Whether your game group is large or small, this game fits the bill. It brings out the inner Bragon of each player and is going to be a blast with rules that modify the game to fit your group size
ADAPT IT TO YOUR GROUP: We make our games fun for all skill levels! You can choose to play the core game -or- add in the 2 included expansions for more advanced play -or- dial back the rules for younger (or older) players.
COVER YOUR ASSETS DEVIOUS BROTHER: Cover Your Kingdom is an adaptation to our wildly popular game, Cover Your Assets. This version adds layers of new strategy and fun without much added complexity.
GUARANTEED FUN: Learning a new game should be fun, not frustrating! With detailed rules, how to play videos, and our family standing by to answer questions we do everything we can to make game night great!

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