Green Status on Facebook

Create Green Status:-


Create Green Status



Create Green Status


Step:1) Open Facebook And Post On Status.


@@*[0:[link no:1: » ]]


@@*[0:[link no:1: Your text here]]



Note: Remove *  And Try This !!



About Status

It’s a bit like the black spot of olden times.. You’re next to be targeted lol… No, what that actually means is you’re online and you have chat enabled at your end. Possibly on your mobile phone if you have messenger installed.

It’s nothing to worry about – it’s just letting people know they can send you a message and you’ll get it because you’re live at the mo.
not much helpful, because I knew that much already. My question is, a friend of mine tells me she always has her laptop on & it’s always connected to FB, yet the green dot is not always by her name????

could it be that when her computer goes into the sleep mode after X minutes of unused, the dot then disappears. Could be. Anyway, it’s no big deal.

A friend of mine looked at his ‘friend’ list and there is a green dot by my name. He does not know why or what this is. I also have not been able to see a recent picture he shared. is that related to the green dot.
He doesn’t know what the green dot means either.

“Why not a green light on chat by my name and friends names when we are in chat?”

I have the same problem several of my friend appear offline No Green dot by there name but we still chat, also they report that I don’t have a green dot either. We all have confirmed that we have chat turned on at all times and no restriction. Wish face book support would enlighten us to resolve this problem.

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