5 Reasons Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

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Dogs are man’s best friend; do you have any doubt? I don’t think because dogs are awesome and we can learn a lot from a dog. We love to see a smiley face every morning and your best friend dog can give it with wagging  it’s tail. But it’s not applicable for all since depending person’s, interest maybe different and they the fond of other pet. Sometime people get rude


According to the dogblow, below are top most 5 reasons why dogs are man’s best friend:


  1. Dog encourage a healthy fitness routine:

Fitness is very important for everyone’s life but most of the time we are unable to maintain routine to keep yourself fit. However if we have a dog and engage it with our fitness routine then it will always remind us and help us to wake up early in the morning, take a walk or run what you have planned. Even do start earlier what encourage us to follow and it play a vital role to keep healthy fitness.

  1. Dogs Never Leave You Alone

It’s your responsibility to build a relationship with your dog, you have to understand it’s emotion and eventually if someone able to make his dog as a best friend then it will never leave him alone. In some situation our human friend can betray or leave us but dogs never leave you alone.


  1. Dog help to maintain socialism:

Dog will not give it’s full time to the owner but they also maintain socialism with other dogs. When you go out for a walk or take rest at park then the dog also pass some time with other dog from where we can get inspiration to maintain socialism.


  1. Dogs Won’t Allow You to Eat Alone:

Everybody want to take meal with a company but sometime we don’t have this opportunity. But if you have a dog then it will always be with you and give you a company while you have having meal.  Sometime you may be disturbed it might be painting on you face or asking for food. Eventually you will feel better rather than having dinner alone.


  1. Dog May Make Your Life Awesome!:

Having a dog can be increased your responsibility, commitment and patience which increase your confidence. This will help you to keep a friendly relation with the people around you. Dogs play a vital role for improving our physical and mental health along with our family member and neighbor.


In conclusion I would like to say dogs are very loyal and will stay with you till end where your human friend may not. It will also give you a great emotional support sometime you may not realize it. Dogs demand is very small and love is the main thing it want from it’s owner where human demand a lot. So by having a dog we can get many benefit and we also have to be very friendly for bonding the relation.

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