How to Make Facebook Bot on Facicloud

Facebook Bot on Facicloud

Facebook Bot on Facicloud:-
Now a days every person on Facebook want to become famous on Facebook and get maximum support by other user to get more and more likes and follower in order to jealous your haters or to want to create a place in someone heart by impressing your profile on Facebook so he/she is using Facebook personal bot on their account.

In this post you are going to learn about how you can create your personal bot on facilcloud .This is another post about making bot on different hosting or cloud.


If you can’t succeed to create your own bot by this method you can visit our posts, for problems and queries you can See Our Facebook Bot Problems Post below this let’s start with this method.

What things you need to Create bot on Facilcloud ?


An email address you can also use temporary email address.

Make Facebook Bot on Facicloud


Step:1) Click This link to Open Facicloud Hosting.



Click Here To Open FaciCloud Hosting


Step:2) Click On Free Trial.





Step:2) Now Make Account And Click On Try It For Free !
Then give Nay Name Or Number And Click On   I’m Ready ” .





Step:4) After Make Account then Confirm From Your Email.

Step:5) Now Upload Your Facebook Bot Script on Cloud File.

 You Can Get Script From this Link.


Stylish Bot Script For Facebook Bot


After Upload Your Scrip .
Step:7) Now you Need to Set CronJob On Your Bot Site.


Learn Set CronJob On Your Bot Site From This Link

How To Set CronJob On Your Bot Site

Step:8) After set CronJob now Open Facebook And Get Token And Use Your Personal Bot Comment.


If you don’t set cronjob so your bot sit will never give comment on facebook friends posts. You Need its badly to set Cron Job on Your Bot Site. After Set Cron Job then Get Token And Check You Bot From You Facebook Activity Log.


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