My Facebook Bot Site Is Not Working

My Facebook Bot Site Is Not Working ?

In this Trick We Have Solve Our Facebook Bot site Problems. Because When we make a bot site so many condition which i don’t read and made facebook bot. So, when we set token Our Bot is not working.
Now PakiTips will tell that How we can Solve Our Facebook Bot Problems.

If you Read its All Question & Answer So we Think that you have easily Solve Your Facebook Bot site Problems.

Many Facebook user message me on my Facebook ID that my bot site is not working why?

I did everything you teach in your bot making post. But still bot is not working, Ok here today I’ll try my best to answer all of your query in this article.

I am using the latest version bot but when i start the bot, it says succesful on finding shortcut then it does not work on Facebook. I am using the free Hosting Bot Site.


Facebook Bot Site is Not Working

Facebook Bot Site is Not Working


1:- What is Bot?

Many of new Facebook user don’t know what bot is, actually BOT is a Robot process which automatically stylish comments on your friends post and also like their post.

2:- I paste token it saying invalid Token ?

Because You Not Set  “Allow Permission Of HTC Access “. Set HTC Access From This link.

HTC Sense Access


facebook token


3:- Why My Facebook Bot Site Is Not Working only 4-5 likes then off not doing comments?

Your bot is not working because you did not set corn job correctly or your comments are block that’s why bot is not working. You Need To Check Your Comments Or How Set CronJob. So Open This Link And Learn.

Click Here To Learn That How To Set CronJob

4:- What is user robot showing at the bottom of the bot site?

User robot are member which are using Your bot site ,if user robot is 0 then no one using bot site if it is 1,2,3 or sometimes 100+ then bot is working.

5:- Easy Question My bot is not working why?

Your bot script is not correct try any other bot script , download PakiTips working Bot Script From This link.

Download Working Bot Script

6:- Why my Facebook bot site Suspended?

Because Many Free Hosting Site does not Provide Bot site So you need to Use Buy Hosting Sites For Use Facebook Bot.

7:- How to make personal bot site?

You can make Your Personal Bot Site you need To Open This Link And Follow All Steps.

Click Here To Make Your Personal Bot Site

8:- When i active bot my Facebook id logout automatically and showing security check what is this?

Don’t worry after pasting token and sending token to your friend your id logout automatically nothing to worry about just login again click continue ,continue and skip button and get a new token and send it again then you bot start working.

9:- What is mean by Bot on Fire?

Nothing on Fire , it is just excitement mean my bot is working.

10:- What is ios token and how to get it?

IOS Token Button Are Available On Any Bot Site So You Need To Click Its And Copy Your Token.

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