How To Get Free Internet Data App For Android Mobiles

Free Internet Data App

Free Internet Data App

If you get mobile internet data for free, then what can be better than that. But there is a hidden intention of such companies to do so. There are also several such apps in the market which give you free internet. There is nothing hidden in their service. All these apps are for prepaid users.

1) Gigato

Perhaps this is the best app in this category. Gigato gives its user the option to earn data on the app. You need to install the zigato app for this. This will also suggest you many different apps that you can use to earn data. Generally the internet data earned is more than the data spent in using these apps. Even though using these apps will initially consume data but later you will earn free data. Users and knowledgeists believe that zigato does not violate your privacy.



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2) Ear Talktime

Arn Talktime is very similar to the Geetech app. It also gives you free data in exchange for the second app usage. However, its method is slightly different. Gigato gives you recharges for applying mobile data on the app, while Arn Talktime apps give you money that you can use for prepaid recharge.
You can also earn your friends by suggesting this app. The money earned after this can be used to buy internet data. This app has not revealed the infringement of privacy.

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3) Petunus

At Geography or Arn Talktime, you have to work differently to earn talk time, while the Paintune’s app replaces your ringtones with advertising. After that you get money for every call. Petunus becomes a part of your phone’s activity every day.
Payouts are not too much. You will have to answer three calls to earn 1 rupee on the app. If you also get 15 phone calls a day, you will earn 150 rupees in the month. It can be used to recharge data packs or other bills via Mobikquick.

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