Ghost And Single Name For Facebook

Ghost And Single Name For Facebook








Step:1) Login To Your Facebook Account.
Step:2) After Open Now Click Account Setting & Click Name.
After Open Now Paste Ghost Name In First And Last Name.


1.   ら

2.   こ

3.   で

4.   す

5.   り

6.   ぴ

7.   っ

8.   タ

9.   イ 

10.   メ

11.   イ

12.   ク

13.   ラ

14.   ル

15.   う

16.   ナ

17.   ブ

18.   ヘ

19.   ア

20.   ー

21.   に

22.   ち

23.   ゃ

24.   ភភ ភភ

25.   Կ. Ձ. Օ.

26.   ლლ ლლ

27.   ツ ツ

28.   ΞΔ ΞΔ




After Follow This Trick And After Try Some Condition Are Given Below If you Read So I think You Have Easily Set This Name.
If you copy Name from Here for set on your facebook profile name so you don’t need any proxy and don’t need any VPN. Because These name are acceptable on Facbeook Because Facebook are like this name.
When you set Name for single name on facebook so you have need to Set VPN or Or Set Proxy Of Indonesia. When You Set This Proxy Or VPN So now copy any single code from here and paste on your first name so i think facbeook easily Change Your Name From Double to Single.

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