How To Hide My Phone Number on Facebook

Hidden My Phone Number:-


Hidden My Phone Number


Hidden My Phone Number

Open the Facebook which make your account.

Step:2) Open the Facebook setting.

Step:3) After open setting his setting will present “General“.

Step:4) Now you can click the “Mobile“.

After open and click the phone and set privacy “Only me” or Direct Remove Which want to you.



About Private Number Privacy


Facebook security tips: Keep Facebook private

The best way to see what you’re publically sharing is to put yourself in the public’s shoes. Go to your profile page, tap the three dots icon on your cover photo and choose View as. By default you will see your Facebook profile as seen by a random member of the public with whom you’re not friends, but you can also click ‘View as specific person’ if there is a certain friend for whom you have limited your posts (see below). If you’re not happy with what you see, follow the tips below to secure your Facebook profile.

It’s also worth checking out Facebook Privacy Basics for a real beginner’s step-by-step guide to Facebook security.

DON’T ACCEPT ALL FRIEND REQUESTS: If you don’t know them, don’t add them. Simple. It’s worth going through your friends list every so often and weeding out all the randoms – who knows how they got there.


KEEP AN EYE ON THE KIDS: Facebook has an age limit of 13 years, but it’s easy to get around and even 13-year-olds need protecting online. If you have a young child using Facebook, check that they know who they are talking to, that those people really are who they say they are, and that what they are saying is appropriate – cyberbullies, pedos and groomers are not something you want your child to experience.


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