High Performance 100-foot 3-conductor 18 Gauge Primary Stranded Cable Ideal For Accessory Hookups Three Conductors; Yellow,Brown And Green Making It Easier To Route DEEJAY LED TBH183B100

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18 GAUGE THICKNESS: This 18-gauge copper speaker wire offers very easily connection for speakers to amplifiers or receivers. The thickness is fair sufficient for resistance and electrical flow w/o the chance of overheating. Ideal for accessory hookup
CUT AS DESIRED: The wire can be cut as wanted for particular installation needs. In case the plastic coat is removed, the wire can be cleared out uncovered or use wire crimp accessories to put through to speakers. 100 Feet of 18-gauge speaker wire
UNDISTORTED SIGNAL: Made with plastic coat surrounding the speaker wire to help convey high-quality undistorted signals to and from all of connected sound equipment. This also helps with insulation. Used for low power routing and triggering equipment
HIGH QUALITY: Easily connect your battery to your system’s amplifier with this distinctive CCA wire. From design, engineering and construction, this power/ground wire is built not only to look good but to maximize the performance of any audio system
LOW RESISTANCE: This speaker wire is very flexible for easy installation. This very long 100 ft speaker wire is neatly wrapped around a hard plastic spool for easy and convenient dispensing. It can be used without any hassle and instantly too