How To Enable Facebook Head Chat In PC

How To Enable Facebook Head Chat In PC

In This Trick We Learn That How To Enable Facebook Head Chat In PC. And See This Trick with Screen Shot.

How To Enable Facebook Head Chat In PC



About Head Chat:-
                                        Head chat mean that if your friend sent you sms on facebook and you busy in your work so if you follow this trick i hope when your facebook friend send sms and you can easily get Your Friend Message On Google or other Browser Head Chat Such As you Can See In Your Mobile Messenger.

Advantages Of Head Chat:-
This is not Any Software because this is one Extension Which we can easily Install in any Browser without any Issue.


Now Start To Open Head Chat In Any Browser

Step:1) I will Use Chrome Browser.
Step:2) After Open Google And Install this Extension From This Link.


Click Here To Install Head Chat Extension




Step:3) Now Click On ” Add To Chrome ” .



Step:4) Now Click On Add Extension.




Step:5) Wait Few Second After Install Exe Now Sign In Your Facebook Account.

Step:6) After Login Now Click On This Exe.


Step:7) Now Minimize Its And Wait.

Step:8) When your Friends Send Message To You Now It will Show Same As Screen shot in Given Below.







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Some Information About Chat Head In Given Below

Chat Head:-
                          It looks like this doesn’t apply to Desktop Help. The links below offer instructions for other apps and browsers.
Head Chat is Very Best For Shortcut Chat Because We can use its easily and reply to our friends easily if we are busy and can not open facebook if we like this trick and follow so we will reply to your friend easily without open facebook.
So now You Need Follow This trick And Share Without Your Friends And Enjoy

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