How To Hack Account On Facebook


Step:1)Open the internet browser and open facebook.
Step:2)After open facebook click the option forgot your password.

Step:3)After open now you can give Email,FB user name or profile name which want to hack account.
Step:4)And then you will get the its profile account. Just click on “This is my Account”.

Step:5)Then click on “No longer have access to this“.

Step:6)Now give you will be asked to enter new email address, just enter your own new email address.
Step:7)Now Facebook will ask you to give security question’s answer. Don’t worry, just enter wrong answer there and you will be taken to the new page.
Step:8)Here is the main part of Hacking Of Facebook Account. Click on Continue and FB will ask you to select 3 Trusted Friends. Their will be a full friend’s list of the victim which also includes your previously created “Three Fake Facebook Account” .

Step:9)Just select that three accounts and then Facebook will send security codes to our fake accounts.
Step:10)Now collect those security codes and enter it. Then Facebook will send “Password Recovery Email” at the email address.
Step:11)Thus you can easily reset the password of its account.

Step:12)Now we have successfully done with Hack Facebook Accounts.
Step:13)So friends, I hope you enjoyed this post on Hack Facebook Accounts and if you have any problem with this Hack Facebook Account

Muhammad Kazafi

SEO Expert