This simple tutorial will help to teach to How To Hack Blogspot Website this tutorial is exclusively provided by Pakitips. This is a awesome tutorial is help you to hack a blogger website. The information is provided in the site is only for educational purpose only.Implement this information in your own risk.



How To Hack Blogspot Website

First you go to the blog that you want to hack like
Now here we are using google loop hlo to hack the blogger website.
What we are using ,actually if you know blogger provide atom feed facility by using this facility only we’re going to hack blogger website.
Now we,re inject javascript to “”. LIKE


A atom.xml(xml file)  file will download or a bunch of text will load in the browser
If text loads copy the text and paste in notepad and create a file with .xml format [This is because you are using old browser]
Here you are ready to Create a copy of the blog you want.Just follow these steps …..

  1. First login to your blogger account
  2. Then go to setting
  3. There you can see the import option using that upload the xml file


How To Hack Blogspot Website