How To Make $15 in One Day

Step:1) Open any browser and open this link.

Click Here To Open Link

Step:2) After open the website click “Register” and make a account.

Step:3) Give the first,second name and you can give only yahoo & Gmail account don’t give other account and give withdraw code which you can give withdraw code this have learn you otherwise if this code forgot you so you can not withdraw money after forgot withdraw code.

Step:4) Give the payza or Paypal email if you make payza or paypal account so paste a account if you do not make account so first make account on payza or paypal.
Step:5) Click iunderstand and give tha captcha and click proceed.
Step:6) This page will open now you can click “Back To Dashboard”

This page will open now you can the first “Claim”


Step:8) Now you can wait only 30 second and after 30 second capctha will present at top.

Step:9) Give the Captcha and clik Credit Click.


Step:10) After credit click now you can click back to dashboard and see the money.
Step:11) If you want to withdraw money so your $ is maximum 2$ if decrease 2$ so your money will not withdraw.

Muhammad Kazafi

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