How we can Talk Face To Face in The World

Step:1)Open internet to any browser.
Step:2)Download this software from this link.
Step:3)After complete download click to instal.

Step:4)Select language and click (Iagree-next).
Step:5)Just processing your skype will instal.

Step:6)After processing this page will present.
Step:7)If you make a skype account so click log in type user name or password your skype will log in.
Step:8)If you do not make skype account so click the button down create an account.
Step:9)give its your all Information Such as (First name,second,password,Mobile number,country,etc.

Step:9)After all type information.
Step:10)Give the skype name and Password or give Captcha.
Step:11)Click Iagree-continue.
Step:12)You make account in skype.
Step:13)Back again on skype page click skype name.
Step:14)Give the skype name which you give first of password.
Step:15)After give skype name type password.

Step:16)This page is present search your friend name and add to contact.
Step:17)After sent friend request he will accept your friend request.
Step:18)Talking face to face  and enjoy.

Muhammad Kazafi

SEO Expert

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