Humminbird Chirp Radar Dome

(as of UTC – Details)

Featuring CHIRP Pulse compression technology, the Humminbird CHIRP Radar delivers superior Radar Imaging on both long and extremely short ranges.
The continuous Radar pulses provide more detailed returns with reduced Sea clutter and better target separation quality, enabling you to identify other vessels, Buoys, and Coastlines.
The CHIRP Radar provides better situational awareness in low-visibility conditions and helps identify Birds and floating obstacles for clues to where gamefish are located.
Offering a compact footprint, the CHIRP Radar’s enclosed dome measures 21 inches round, and it installs easily and boots quickly for immediate use.
Compatible with all SOLIX, HELIX 12, HELIX 10, HELIX 9, HELIX 8, ONIX, and ION series models. The Humminbird CHIRP Radar is also compatible with select networking HELIX 7 models (HELIX 7 G2N and HELIX 7 G3N models)