Identify Fake Facebook Accounts

Step:1) Log in your Facebook Account.
Step:2) After log in now you can click Search And give name which want to check this is Fake or Not.


Step:3) I opened “Madiha Sanam” now i checked that this account is fake or not.
Step:4) Now you can right click on its Profile Picture And copy its “Copy Image URL”.


Step:5) After copy image URL now you can open this link.

Click Here To Open Link

Step:6) After open link now you can click Camera.

Step:7) After click camera now you can click Paste URL  and Paste link which you can copy on Facebook fake profile.

Step:8) After paste link and click Search.
Step:9) After search now you can see that one picture use many places.

Step:10) Now you can Understand that this Account or Picture is fake.

Muhammad Kazafi

SEO Expert