Jazz Free Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Social, Prepaid

jazz free internet packages

Jazz Free Internet Packages

Previously Mobilink now Jazz is Pakistan Telecommunication Authority awards one among the top cellular telecom operator in Pakistan, company as Best Telecom Operator in the country. Jazz Internet Packages are better than other businesses, and Jazz is providing several Jazz Internet Packages on Daily, Weekly, Monthly basis, but there is one thing common among all packages that are its speed. Jazz is a reliable network which has 10Mhz 3G/4G Spectrum. PTA held a competition for fastest 3G and Jazz won that too

Jazz Free Internet Packages

Well there are 50 million customers who are going to merge into a single platform, and it’s an era of internet and reforming peoples are joining networks to get better and fast internet, and Jazz is a fastest 3G provider in Pakistan. Let’s explore Jazz Internet Packages 3G and 4G. I am describing every Jazz 3G and 4G Package offered by the company.


Jazz 3G/4G Internet Packages

All Jazz Internet Packages 3G/4G offered by are briefly described below including Subscription, Price, Data, Validity, and Checking Remaining Data.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

There are three types of Jazz Daily Internet Packages, details are mentioned below.

1. Jazz Daily Social 3G/4G Package

Price 20 PKR
Data 50 MB for WhatsApp and FB
Validity 24 Hours
How to Subscribe *114*5#
Check Remaining Data *114*5*2#


2. Jazz Daily Browser 3G/4G Package

Price 12 PKR
Data 50 MBs
Validity 24 Hours
How to Subscribe *117*11#
Check Remaining Data *117*11*2#

3. Jazz Super Daily 3G/4G Package:

Price 29.88 PKR
Data 200 MBs
Validity 24 Hours
How to Subscribe *117*4#
Check Remaining Data *117*4*2#
Ahmad Raza