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Kasam 28th February 2018

Kasam 28th February 2018 Video Episode 509

Kasam 28th February 2018 Video Episode 509

The Episode starts with Rishi telling Tanuja that their daughter wipe his tears and it feels good. AK asks Myra if she is sure that Rishi loves Tanuja. Myra says yes, I have seen but you couldn’t see. AK asks if Tanuja will ever accept me. Myra says Tanuja is with you as Rishi was in her past. AK says I love her and don’t know what to do. Myra asks him to become like old AK who was carefree, happy etc. AK says Tanuja isn’t talking to me properly. Myra asks him to accept Tanuja and her love for Rishi, and save friendship atleast.




Tanuja says she will go. Rishi asks her to have food made by Ahana. Tanuja says you are again blackmailing and asks him to have food. Sauce falls on him. Tanuja opens the cupboard to get napkin and finds her dupatta. She says it is in your cupboard still.



Rishi says I have gifted you this and tells that says whenever I touches it, feels you. Tanuja gets emotional.

Raj says he loves Rishi a lot. Manpreet says I have brought Tanuja home. Raj says I can act to get heart attack to call her, but I want her to come for forever. Kuch der baho me…plays….Tanuja says may be my cupboard is of Netra. Rishi asks why? Beeji asks Ahana to call them. Ahana says no and says may be their misunderstandings will be cleared.

Rishi asks Tanuja what happened? Tanuja says you have made me as second woman as it might have Netra’s clothes. Rishi says this is your room and asks her to check the wardrobe. He opens it and says it have your clothes. Tanuja asks why Netra don’t stay in his house being Tania’s mum. Rishi says why she will stay here, she is Tania’s mum. AK comes there and tells Tanuja that Maasi fell down from stairs and missing her. He apologizes to Rishi.

Ahana says she is sure that something happened between them that forced Tanuja to take divorce decision . Beeji asks Raj to talk to her. Raj says he will talk to her. Rishi tells Raj that Tanuja left as AK came to take her, Maasi fell down from the stairs.




Rishi blames himself and says you lost her because of me. Raj says she is always my daughter. Raj asks Rishi to take him to AK’s house and says he will go and see Maasi. Rishi says ok. Manpreet asks Raj to talk to Tanuja and says even he wants to come. Raj says ok. Netra tells Rano and Kanchal that they are going to AK’s house to see Maasi. Kanchal says don’t know how is this love? Netra says they are together even now and wonders what will happen to her.

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