How To Make 5k Friend’s ID In Few Hours

How To Make 5k Friends ID In Few Hours

Make 5k Friends 2016.


Make 5k Friends


Hello PakiTips show you How to add unlimited mass friends to facebook by one hit. I saw someone in my facebook friends, he was in search of mass friends add/invites. So i found a good and working trick.

(NOTE: it is risky may cause photo identification so you will need a fake account for this process)

Step:1) Fist OF All Make Girl Name Account On Facebook.
Set Picture OF Any Girl.
Search A Group Named ” Youngistan”.
 It Has More Than 700K Members.
Step:5) You Need Not Join This Group Because It Is Public Group.
Step:6) Now You Will Find Post In Group. Add Likers Of That Post.
Step:7) In This Way Add 200-300 Persons. As Your Requests Will Be Accepted, New Friend Requests Will Also Arrive.
Step:8) Accept All Requests Fastly And Add 200-300 Persons From Suggestions.
Step:9) When You Reach At 700-800 Friends, Your ID Will Get Viral.
Step:10) 900 Requests Will Come In 10Minutes.
Accept All Requests

If you Follow These Steps And Make 5k Friends

Once more Trick Which Tells Make 5k Account In just Few Minutes So If Your Read I think You Maked easliy.
If your Make A any fake account using any fake name so after making now you set dp and cover after you set now you set work and more information which are fake not real ok now you will click on sent request button now you  sent 25 Unknown Member Request if you sent now you logout your Account And wait 5 Hour
After you login Again so Many Requests Are Come On Your Account.

Now Follow These Steps And Make Many 5k Accounts On Facebook And Enjoy. 

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Muhammad Kazafi

SEO Expert