Blue Tick Mark ID

Blue Tick Mark ID:-

Some Pages and profiles are verified by Facebook to let people know that they’re authentic. You’ll see a blue badge next to a verified Page or profile’s name. These Pages and profiles may include.

After seeing these check marks with hover(Verified Page or Profile) it makes feel some special in the eye of the viewer and it’s a moment for proud because only popular pages and profiles get verified. However before it was done automatically totally but now facebook had allowed it’s users to submit a request for verification of pages. Now We Learn you that How We Can Make Blue Tick Mark ID.

Currently facebook is only verifying Public Figures or Celebrity pages only with an active fans and reaches of posts. Website or Business page are currently unavailable for verification.
Likes is not a criteria but I suggest you to have atleast 5000+ likes on pages but not generated with any like for like websites or autolike websites.
Now Here Is A Trick Make Easily Blue Trick Mark ID on Facebook Without Any Issue.
Blue Tick Mark ID

Now Start To Make Blue Tick Mark ID



Step:1) You Need To Login your Facebook Account which Account you Set the ” Blue Tick ” .
Step:2) After open now Click on This ” Button ” .


Blue Tick



Blue Tick


Step:3)  Now Type You  First Name ” .
Step:4) Then Type ” Second ” Or ” Paste ” this ” Tick ” in the Last Of the Second Name.




Blue Tick


Step:5) Select Reason   Change Language ” .


Blue Tick


Step:6) Now Upload any ” Proof ” which Have  Same Name or Same Date Birth or Match Your Facebook Account ” .



Blue Tick Mark


Step:7) Click on ” Upload File ” then upload your Proof .




Step:8) After Upload Now Click on ” Send ” .


Blue Tick


Step:9) After send you need to Wait few Hour Till ” When Facebook not change your Name ” .
Step:10) After Wait Your ID Will Make Blue Tick ID .


Blue Tick






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