Marketing Ideas For Start Up Companies

Start up businesses need creative marketing strategies to compete with the established companies in their fields. Finding a unique advertising scheme can draw a whole new crowd of customers to youHere are a few tips to get noticed.

Social Media

As experts in start up businesses such as Eyal Gutentag can confirm, social media can be a powerful tool. While this option is used by companies that have been open for years, there are aspects of these platforms that they may be unaware of. Reach out to potential customers who have liked your business page via instant messaging. You can offer them a special when they open your post. This also gives them the opportunity to respond back with questions. You can also hire a social media influencer to promote and talk about your products on their pages. Be sure to choose someone who has an interest in things your company offers and try to find one with a loyal follower base.

Digitize Your Website

Another place you can attract customers is through your website. When you design it, take extra care that you set it up to be used on a cell phone or tablet. Clients who have issues navigating your site on their phone may turn away from it and your company. Make the buttons easy to tap and the content able to be read on a small device.

Study Analytics

Many social media platforms and website hosting companies will provide data for you to analyze. These numbers will tell you which type of customers are clicking on your posts or watching your videos. Break down these figures to streamline your advertising dollars and redirect your efforts to the audience that is most receptive to your company and what you sell. You can also purchase reports that will help you find your ideal client base.

Muhammad Kazafi

SEO Expert