The Cases of Mesothelioma Disease Worldwide

mesothelioma disease

The Mesothelioma disease is very prevalent in several countries. This is due to the fact that this disease is known to be a “theft disease”, hence it is hiding in your body throughout the decades from your initial exposure to asbestos. And that, after decades of hiding it will be detected, but the tumor had already spread throughout your body parts, robbing your immune system to go down, thus only few people had survived this kind of cancer, usually the lung (pleural) mesothelioma cancer.

Mesothelioma Disease

Typically, the main risk of this kind of disease is the exposure to asbestos, may be from your work place or from the environment near the aluminum and oil refinery plants. This asbestos mineral is very toxic when inhaled and exposed. And only be diagnosed or showed up the symptoms 50 years later.

Recent data on mesothelioma epidemiology shows that several countries that has the mesothelioma cases doesnot present signs of attenuation. Thus, people find it hard to detect this kind of disease if not severe. This is according to the Study of Environmental Cancer in Monfalcone, Italy by Claudio Bianchi and Tommaso Bianchi. Where an industrial Ship District in Italy shows a high occurrence of asbestos-related mesothelioma disease.




The Shipyard was examined and shows that out of 2,776 employees hired in 1942, 18 persons are diagnosed to have a pleural mesothelioma or lung cancer in 1981 – 2005. Apparently, out of 557 residents nearby, 6 children age of 14-15 had diagnosed to have lung cancer in 1942. Some other countries having a high mesothelioma incidence rate are the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, and Malta. Recent report states that, Australia had already banned some of the companies producing asbestos products, yet, the import of asbestos- containing product such as materials in building constructions like cement cladding, textured ceiling coatings, fire protection linings on structural steel and thermal insulations are remained legal. And for this, Australia`s incidence rate of mesothelioma disease was progressively increased since 1860.

By the year 1954 – 2005, around 797 cases of mesothelioma disease were registered, 86% were males older than 45. In 1995, about 25 per million of men had diagnosed to have a mesothelioma cancer.
European countries and the United States were likewise found to have a medial rate incidence of mesothelioma disease, in 2005 these countries had diagnosed at about 3, 284 incidence. Seemingly, Russia, China, Brazil, Indonesia and India are countries that likewise have a prevalent incidence rate of mesothelioma disease but shows lack of data about the exact rate.


Thus, producing asbestos products is still prominent in these populous countries. Additionally, some of the other European countries were reported to have a low incidence rate, likewise in some parts of Asia, including Japan, which are prominent in the shipbuilding industry since the 20th century, hence they are not using a product that contains asbestos minerals. Other countries that likewise to have a low incidence rate in this disease are the Poland and Spain, the fact that these countries are also known for shipbuilding industry.

Overall, the United States were reported in 2013 to have an increased rate of mesothelioma incidence among age classes. The annual report stated that, in the year 2003 up to 2008 the incidence rate was 8.34% per 1,000 age classes of 65-74, seemingly 17.07% of the age 75-84 and for the class 85 and beyond is 17.62%.


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