Monoprice 102623 Fiber Optic Cable LC/ST OM1 Multi Mode Duplex-3 Meter (62.5/125 Type), Orange

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Because of its immunity to electronic interference and its greater speeds over longer distances fiber optic cabling has become the conduit of choice for high speed network communications
Monoprice is proud to offer a full line of high-quality Single-mode and Multi-mode duplex cables using optical fibers made by Corning
This is an OM1 “Orange” multi-mode cable with a 62
The cable has a pair of color-coded ST connectors on one end and a Dual LC connector on the other end with 5 μm core and 125 μm cladding diameter
The cable jacket is OFNR (Optical Fiber Non-conductive Riser) rated by UL which means that it complies with fire safety and insurance requirements and is safe for use within the walls and between the floors of commercial class buildings