The Latest Update in Best Parental Control Software

parental control software

In this article you will get latest update in parental control software. If you’re a parent worried about your child and their internet usage, chances are you’re not so sure what to do about it. Some parents are just a generation or so too far from being able to get a handle on the technological boom our children are so used to. And so what happens? Parents resort to lame techniques such as snooping around cell phones and setting up fake accounts on social networking sites hoping to catch the ‘no good’ their children and teens are up to.

But there are easier solutions than that. Since there are so many threats online, thankfully, there are also a range of user friendly tools that can help protect your child both from the internet as well as mobile internet. Parental control software has also evolved and a variety of them are available which offer numerous solutions to tackle almost any technology use related problem.

Parental Control Software



Not sure where to go to find them or how to use them? Here’s a brief list of the latest offerings to help you get started:

1.     For U.K residents, Vodaphone has started a service called Bemilo. It is a customized SIM card that gives parents complete cell phone monitoring features. The cost is a reasonable $6 a month.

2.       MobShield is another parental control app that provides almost all the features that are available from Bemilo. It’s available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows mobile. The cost is $50 a year.

3.       McGruff Safegard offers an iOS web browser app that has an automatic blocking feature which does not allow access to inappropriate sites on iPhones and iPads.

4.       TiVo has recently also taken out a parental control for its DVR System in this month’s updates. Parents can now avail that for internet television monitoring as well.

5.       Amazon has announced this month that the leading Android tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire, will be getting new parental controls. So keep an eye out for more news from that front.



6.       Monitoring tools for the Blackberry Curve 9220 and the Curve 9320 are also available. Research In Motion, a smartphone leader, offers integrated controls for these two devices. Keep a look out for controls for other RIM devices to come.

7.       Funamo is a company which recently released a cell phone monitoring software called Funamo Parental Control. It is specifically designed to make sure parents have a say over how their children use phones.

8.       Microsoft’s yet to be launched Windows 8 OS has built in parental controls. One of the reported features are that parents will get weekly reports stating how children are using the PC.

So for all those parents who want to keep an eye out for their children, worry not, technology is not the enemy. Those who use it to harm and exploit children are the real perpetrators. And the only way toward them off is to get into the trenches with all the artillery one can find and put up strong barricades. Because nothing is more important than your child’s well being.

Muhammad Kazafi

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