Premium Guide to Schedule Email Messages in Gmail Securely

Have you ever felt that there is a need for you to compose an email now and send it later after some time or days?

Have you ever thought of wishing someone special on their birthday’s but are tired of staying awake all the night?

Have you ever wanted to deliver your customer a message but not immediately?

Are you working with your Clint from other country and wanted to send an email without disturbing his private time?

We are here with a solution for all the problems. Just schedule your emails and send them later without disturbing or being disturbed.

Not aware of the procedure?

No worries!

We will tell you how.

Here are the 5 simple steps to guide you schedule your emails to send it later via Gmail.

Step 1:

First of all, you need a special Extension to schedule your emails in Gmail. For this you need to head over to chrome web store and in the top left box of ‘Search the Store’ insert the extension you needed. If you are unaware of one of them, then you can go with ‘boomerang for Gmail’ as it is one of the most rated and used extension for scheduling the emails.

You have a plenty of options in the store. So, you can choose one of them, if you wish to try some other one.

We are going to explain the steps by using ‘boomerang for Gmail’ extension. The procedure will be same for the remaining extensions. So, you need not worry!

Step 2:

You can find the extension as specified in the picture below.

Click at ‘add to chrome’ for the extension to be added in the Gmail.

After completion, go back to your Gmail tab and refresh the page to get the extension.

You will get a pop-up box, featuring the tour to boomerang in Gmail. You can start the video and check the working and other uses of boomerang extension in Gmail. Or if you are already aware of the procedure, you can just click Skip and continue.

Step 3:

Now click on compose and write your mail.

Now you can check the difference between your previous version of Gmail and the latest boomerang version.

You will find a new Send Later button at the bottom of the mail composing tab.

Step 4:

After composing your mail.

Click on the Send later button and you will get a tab which mentions you to send in some hours duration, days or you can just click on the calendar and specify your date and time.

Click to Confirm.

Step 5:

You can even edit the date and time once you confirm.

You will find a boomerang icon on the top right of your Gmail.

Just click on it and go to Manage Scheduled Messages to check all your scheduled messages and you can edit them if you wanted. Hotmail from microsoft also provides the same kind of functionalities.

By this way you can schedule and send messages in Gmail.

If you have any questions regarding it, You can tell us in the comment sections below.

Thank you.

Muhammad Kazafi

SEO Expert

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