Pyle WiFi Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier 240-Watt Home Theatre Receiver, 2X 3.5 200 Watt 3-Way Weatherproof Mini Box Speakers (White), Enrock Audio Spool of 50 Foot 16-Gauge Speaker Wire (2 Speakers)

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PTAUWIFI46 Pyle wifi amplifier Audio component amplifier stereo, 2x pyle Plmr24 3.5-inch 200 watt 3-way weather proof Mini box speakers 1x Enrock car Audio spool of 50 foot 16-gauge speaker wire
With multi-room wireless Wi-Fi technology, music storage & playback ability, you can connect to multiple devices & rooms conveniently.
The PLMR24 white pyle speakers are a pair of 3.5″, 200-watt, heavy-duty Weatherproof speakers – perfect for the Deck, backyard, by the pool, or on your boat or other Marine vehicle.
This 16-gauge 50 foot spool speaker wire from Enrock basics lets you easily connect your speakers to amplifiers or receivers.