The Best Trick To Save Battery Android Smart Phone

Save Battery Android Smart Phone:-

Getting more out of less — that seems to be the way of the world right now. There’s only so much of anything, and we want to make it last, right? Can we get more life out of our phones so we don’t have to charge them as often? Can we make them run longer so we don’t get stuck without them?

The short answer is a resounding YES, but how much more we can get out of a phone battery is still up for discussion. Still, no matter how long your phone’s battery life lasts, there are ways that you can definitely make it last longer. Let’s take a look at some different ways.


Save Battery Android Smart Phone


Save Battery Android Smart Phone

Step:1) Keep Your Phone Cool.

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Step:2) Turn Down the Screen Brightness.


Step:3) Reduce Screen Timeout.



Step:4) Don’t Forget Power saving Mode.



Step:5) Turn Off phone Vibration.


Stop iPhone vibrating with text messages and iMessages

Step:6) Turn Off all unused Radios.



Keep Stretching Out That Battery Life

Applying any combination of these power saving measures is going to make a difference to how long your Android will run on battery power. Like driving a car, the more you learn about how it works, the better and more efficiently you can use it.

Do you have any battery saving tips for using an Android? Which of these tips do you get the most out of? Let’s us know, we’re all in this together.


Don’t Phone Home

Apps like email and contacts are going to be the apps that you allow to continuously run. You can save energy by tweaking these apps, though. Go into your settings and change how often they sync with your email service. Instead of every 5 minutes, maybe you only really need it to sync every 30 minutes. Or change what is synced. When you do this, it’s like you’re eliminating surfing a number of websites in terms of power savings.

Tap on  Settings, then Accounts, then select the account you want to adjust. In this picture, we’re adjusting what Google services are synced. I don’t use Google+ on my smartphone, so why should I sync it?

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