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Searching for stardust: How to find micrometeorites in your gutters

IT WAS a warm summer morning in the wide open close to Oslo and Jon Larsen chose to eat outside. He painstakingly cleaned down the white plastic table on his porch and went inside to gather his feast. At that point, as he plunked down to eat, he saw a minuscule dark spot on the table. “It was sparkling in the sun,” he says. “I thought, goodness, what is this?”

That was 2009. Quick forward 10 years and Larsen has figured out how to pull off something many idea inconceivable. He has demonstrated that only by scouring common metropolitan spaces, you can locate your own micrometeorites – minuscule bits of extraterrestrial residue that have been coasting around since the introduction of the nearby planetary group, billions of years prior. Nowadays, his assortment involves in excess of 3000 examples and he brags a huge fan base metropolitan space-dust trackers.

I had heard a little about Larsen’s work and got the feeling that emulating his example wouldn’t be excessively troublesome. All I required, it appeared, was some earth from an undisturbed rooftop and a magnifying lens. Could I truly locate my own stardust? I was going to discover.

A shooting star is a piece of trash left over from the early long periods of the close planetary system that has endure section through our climate and collided with the ground. They are essentially all lumps that have severed space rocks circling among Mars and Jupiter, and they contain an unsullied record of conditions in the early close planetary system – data we have … read more

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