Set CronJobs Freely Without Any Website

Set Cronjobs Freely

Set Cronjobs Freely:-

CronJobs is a Linux Utility which a Schedules command or script on your server to run automatically at a specified time and date. A cronjob is a Schedules Task it self.

According to this cronjobs works like a function which is update a short time interval which you can set manually on the Cronjobs website .But it can also be set manually!  How to set cornjobs manually? Let’s see!



Now Set Cronjobs Freely


Step:1) First Of All you Need To Open And Copy the Link of the Site of valu.php which have set you a cronJob.




Step:2) Now Click on This Link and Install ” Easy Auto Refresher ” Extension.


Click Here To Add Easy Auto Refresh In Chrome


Step:3) Now Click On ” Add To Chrome ” .
Step:4) After Add To Chrome Now open This Extension.


Cron Job


Step:5) Then Open value.php link And Set Time Of 10 Second.


Crong Job



Then Click On Start And Enjoy.

Your CronJob will Work.


Support standard Cron expression

EasyCron fully supports standard Cron expresssion that used in popular Cron implementations (Cronie, Vixie cron and Quartz java scheduler, etc.).


Cron Job Execution Logs

You scripts might generate output during periodical executions. The feature of cron job execution logging allows saving these outputs for later check.


Run Time Prediction

Once you add a cron job, you may see a list of dates and times of when will it be executed in the nearest future. This is call run time prediction. How it work?


No Need to Install

You’re in no need to install any software (Cron, Crontab, task scheduler, etc) on your machine. We’re “webcron”. You will manage your cron jobs in a web interface.


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Muhammad Kazafi

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