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Simple Decorating Tips

So you want to decorate a space. Maybe you’ve just moved in, and your walls and floors are a blank canvas. Or maybe you’ve lived in the same place for years, and are just sick of how it looks. Either way, you’ll need to learn a few things about interior design and home decorating before you go much further.

But you won’t need to learn too much. We get it. You’re busy! You’re looking for simple and practical tips for transforming a space quickly and easily with your home decor. We’ve got your back. Here is your crash course in making your space more beautiful and comfortable through the use of decor.

Consider color and texture

Want a great-looking room? Color and texture are your friends.

Yes, this sounds basic — but it’s one of the most important things to know about interior design. When you work in the same color family across an entire room, things just go together. And when you use texture wisely, you can make furniture go together or contrast in just the right ways. You can vary the texture of your wall hangings, too. Try using canvas, glass-fronted frames, and even woven and quilted fabrics in different places. You’ll find that playing with texture can add new dimensions and vibes to an old space.

Hang art at the right height

What is the right height to hang your wall art? Just by thinking about it, you’re already ahead of the game. There are some simple rules of thumb, but the bottom line is this: don’t hang your art unthinkingly or haphazardly.

The standard suggestion for hanging art is to hang it at eye level.” But whose eye level? What if you are very tall or very short — or live with someone who is a different height? Relax. An average eye level is fine. Figure 57 to 60 inches, and know that you won’t ruin a room by being a few inches off. Just remember the basics.

You can break this rule occasionally. You’ll want art to flow with your furniture. For instance, having art hanging at the same level as furniture heights vary beneath them can look odd, so fit your art hanging a bit more with the context. And don’t be afraid to experiment by hanging art in groups. The key is simply to be conscious of how you hang your art and to do so intentionally and with aesthetic goals in mind.

Get personal

What you use to decorate your room should be beautiful. It should also be you.

In other words, your personality should shine through! Take a look at design blogs and magazines, and you’ll see very impersonal spaces. That’s OK for photographs and inspiration material, but a real-life space with no personal touches feels cold. Add some personal photographs and collectibles to your space!

Of course, those things need to be aesthetically pleasing, too. Why not create a custom canvas print of a favorite photo? That will add weight and texture to your space while also giving you a unique piece that says something about you, your personality, or your friends and family. Canvas printing is affordable and easy. You can turn a personal photo, art design, or Instagram post into a wall-worthy piece in no time at all.

And that’s just one example — you’ll no doubt find lots of ways to personalize your space, from turning old family possessions into decorations to simply leaving a great photo album on the coffee table. With your personality shining through and a few simple tricks for great design, you’ll soon have a wonderful interior space!

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