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Sony sports camera vs GoPro; which one is the best video camera for shooting sports

If you desire the best video camera for shooting sports  ,you can choose a camera from Sony or GoPro. Sports cameras are for taking videos and picture of every movement of the sports.

Sony and GoPro both are the well-known companies in providing action camera. These companies are the competitors of each other. So, every year they come with the flagship models. Both of them come with the camera with advanced features and amazing look. So, sometimes it is hard to determine which one it the best.

Sony sports camera vs GoPro

These two brands are famous. So, it is not easy to say which wins in the competition. If we want to determine it, we can compare two similar cameras to these brands. I think it is the best way to compare the two. However, we can compare Sony FDR-X3000 to GoPro Hero5 because these two come with similar features.

Image stabilisation on Sony FDR-X3000

Sony FDR-X3000 is a better quality action video camera. It is very good for stable footage. It is a new flagship of Sony action camera. The company brings a technology called BOSS to take the balanced and steady shot. So, it is the best alternative to GoPro.

The main best feature of this camera is its image stabilization. It works very well. This camera can take smoother handheld footage. But this camera does not have any built-in LCD. There is a small side LCD which is not usable during taking shots. But you can use a viewfinder app to see the shooting on your phone.

Image stabilization on GoPro Hero 5

Image stabilization in GoPro Hero 5 is not so good as Sonny FDR-X3000 because GoPro has the digital stabilization and Sony has the BOSS technology. In this case, GoPro camera’s stabilization does not work when you shoot 4K. It can provide you you with footage.

Though this disadvantage, you will get some advantages of image stabilization on GoPro because it comes with Karma Grip. This stabilizer has the external stabilization system with three-axis. But you have to pay the extra cost for this. Besides, you have to carry a bigger bag for this frame.

The image quality of Sony FDR-X3000 and GoPro Hero 5

The image quality of the Sony FDR-X300 is better than GoPro Hero 5. Take an image with Sony and GoPro. Then zoom the image in 200, 400, 800. You will see that Sony winner because you can get high detailed amount with it.


GoPro wins in the case of design. The camera is waterproof and so you need not any case for it when you use it underwater. Besides, you can use it under snowfall without any case. The nice touchscreen allows you to view the footage and change the settings easily.

But Sony has a smaller LCD screen that can be used only for viewing or only for change the settings. The USB charging port and voice control features are also awesome in GoPro.


If you are not looking for design, you are looking for performance; I recommend you Sony FDR-X3000. In this case, it is the winner. Both Sony sports camera and GoPro sports camera can be taken as the best video camera for shooting sports. So, according to your purpose, you can choose one of these brands.

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