Sturdy 100-foot Three Conductor 16 Gauge Primary Stranded Cable Ideal For Accessory Hookups With Yellow, Brown And Green Are Bonded Together Making It Easier To Route DEEJAY LED TBH163B100

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HIGH QUALITY: 16 gauge general purpose primary wire in 100 feet spool. Ideal for trucks, automobiles, trailers, tractors, utility vehicles, RVs and more. Used for low power routing and triggering equipment. Also for short run speaker applications
GREAT FOR IN-HOME APPLICATIONS: It’s great for in-home, automotive, auditorium, school, church or business settings. A tough, yet flexible insulated jacket around the wire helps to achieve high-quality undistorted sound from your audio equipment
UNDISTORTED SIGNAL: Made with plastic jacket surrounding the speaker wire to help deliver high-quality undistorted signals to and from all of connected audio equipment. This also helps with insulation. Can also be used for lamp wiring
LOW RESISTANCE: This speaker wire is very flexible for easy installation. This wire has two separate colored outer casings to easily identify the positive and negative wires.This is high quality 14 gauge professional speaker wire
PREMIUM STRANDED CCA WIRE: Soft jacket for maximum flexibility. True gauge spec. Soft Jacket for Maximum Flexibility. Resistant to Cuts, Tears, Abrasion, Water, Oil and Flame. It allows for the use of a high powered system to work as it should