Stylish Bot Script For Facebook Bot

Stylish bot script for Facebook Bot 2016
Stylish bot script for Facebook Bot





Stylish bot script for Facebook Bot

About Bot:-
                           PakiTips Provide Professional Bot Script For PakiTips User. We will see You All Screenshot Of This Bot Script. So We Hope you will definately Download this Script.

Now Start To Download Professional Script

Step:1) You Need To Open this Link to Download Professional Script.

Click Here To Download Professional Script




Step:2) After Download  Now Upload In you Site Cpanel.

Use PakiTips Best Bot Scripts And Enjoy


Screen Shot Of PakiTips Professional Script


Bot Site Home:-


Token Area:-



Use PakiTips Professional And Enjoy

I Hope This script will be a great For You.

      There many Bot Script are available on the internet. Butt PakiTips Provide best Bot Script For PakiTips Users. Because this script are not available on the web. You can Never Get this Script On the Other site. If you See so He will Copy Script From Our Web.
This Script Is so Good because it provide our own Comment on Facebook. We save Our Personal Comment On this Script.
Every Bot Script Provide 2 Files But PakiTips Bot Provide Many Files For Personal Bot.
You Can Edit this script and set In Your Name Such As Powered By = ” Kazafi ” (From PakiTips )

About Bot


Bot Comments are those comments which are automatically send to your friends post without typing in comments box. It’s like a machine you active on your Facebook profile and then automatically send Stylixh comments on your friends timeline post , its help to connect with more friends and make you famous by getting more and more friends request , This is a Cool Facebook Trick to become famous.

Some of the bot comments are in picture

Bot Information:-

                                Bot Script is a program in common language which post automatic comments to your friends post and provide interface to your BOT site. There are different and many bot script which post comments and provide different user interface lay out.
If you make a Facebook Personal Bot So Here is A Best Script For Facebook Screen.
I gave Screen shot so if You like this bot So you have download Facebook Bot Script.

This Is Beranda And Hard Coded Bot Script For PakiTips Users.


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