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The 6 Must Have Foods

You Must Know About The 6 Must Have Foods

Have you ever wanted to eat your way around the world? Now this articles comes with the list of 6 iconic dishes from around the entire world. You must try them at least once before it is too late!

  1. China: Pecking duck

The imperial dish Peking duck from China is just synonymous with best in class Chinese food that comes under the non-takeaway variety. Now you might be wondering what has made this specific roast duck a standout “try before you die” candidate. Well, it’s the garlicky sweet crispy skin of the duck. One of the most special part of having this mouthwatering Chinese delicacy is that the entire dark is carved in front of you.

First you will be served the famously crispy sweet skin and then the juicy meat will be carved and served with steam pancakes, spring onions and sweet hoisin sauce so that you can customize the pancake according to your choice. Your China tour is almost incomplete without this staple dish of China.



  1. France: Escargots

You’ve got to taste snails at once in your life. They come with the strong and delicious flavor of garlic butter. The ancient Romans used to eat snails. Snails are popular throughout the globe, from Morocco to Cambodia

This particular dish is specifically eaten as an appetizer. This dish is served in the shell and skillfully cooked in the delicious melange of garlicky parsley butter. This food item comes with the firm texture and it doesn’t come with the chewy property.



  1. Greece: Moussaka

When you are in Greece, you must try this national casserole of this country. It’s a Green version of typical Italian Lasagne. This spectacular dish is made by smoothering layers of ingredients in a soft cheese bechamel sauce and the baking process is kept on until it is creamy golden and melted properly.

It is served along with ground beef or lamb and eggplant is the major ingredient of this item.



  1. Germany: Black Forest Cake

The German name of the Black Forest cake is “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.”. This delicious cake comes with the 4 layer of chocolates, 1lb of kirsche infused cherries and a light whipped cream. Due it’s super sumptuous taste, Black Forest Cake has become a very popular choice among the true dessert lovers. If you want to order a very delicious cake for your loved one, you can easily order it from an online cake delivery service.


  1. USA: BBQ Ribs

If you are looking for the best US cuisine, you must not forget to try the BBQ ribs. There you can find different types of ribs but if you want something with a complete unique taste you should definitely go for Memphins ribs because it comes with the additional flavor from a dry rub made from garlic and spices.



  1. Australia and New Zealand: Pavlova

Australia and New Zealand really compete with each other to claim the ownership of this iconic dessert. This sumptuous dessert is named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. A Classic pavlova comes with the topping of soft whipped cream  daubed with passion fruit, strawberry and kiwi fruits.



Now it’s time to explore the foods from around the world and make your wish list completed.

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