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Things You Have to Leave Behind in the New Year

We know what you’re thinking…

You’re already tired of hearing people say new year, new me. This isn’t one of those articles where we tell you anything is possible and you should quit your job if you’re unhappy.

We understand resolutions don’t work and you have to build good habits to make real changes. While a new year brings on motivation in spades, it’s hard to flip a switch and make your life better. However, we do believe you need to leave certain things behind in the new year if you want to be a more successful version of yourself, starting with the things below.

Procrastination and fear of getting started

There are many reasons why people procrastinate and it doesn’t only come down to being lazy, despite what many naysayers think.

A big reason, in fact, comes from fear. A fear of doing a good job and making a project as good as it can possibly be. A fear of people liking the finished product. A fear of you being able to finish the task at hand. A fear of the long hours that await.

Procrastination is OK in small doses, but it’s something you have to leave in the past if you want to get the most out of your time, which could lead to you doing work when you’re most productive.

Don’t let the fear of getting started crumble you in the new year. Start, stay focused, and don’t let procrastination win.

People who don’t support your vision

Hanging out with positive and like-minded people isn’t only about becoming a better person—it’s about spending time with people who make you happy and support your vision.

We, as people, can’t continue to waste time on people who don’t believe in us. Naysayers will find a problem in your process every step of the way, whether you’re taking surf lessons in Waikiki or trying to open your first business.

Ditching an unhealthy relationship of any kind isn’t easy, but it’s something you have to leave behind in the new year. Achieving goals is hard enough as it is. You don’t need others cutting you down along that path just for the sake of cutting you down.

Negative mindsets

Playing off of the point above, you have to leave behind toxic people and mindsets in the new year. Negative mindsets can be anything from not thinking you’re good enough to achieve a certain goal or task all the way to finding the bad in people.

When you have a positive outlook on life, nothing will get you down and you will continue to push forward no matter what form of failure tries to block your path. Eliminating negative mindsets might not eliminate failure entirely, but this new thought process will help you bounce back faster so you can create a new plan and get to work.

An unwillingness to change or adapt

If you aren’t willing to change or adapt to a situation, then you won’t change your circumstances.

Not everything is going to go according to plan, but the key is reflecting on your situation and seeing where you can make improvements. An unwillingness to change or adapt will, unfortunately, lead to failures and regret.

Your failures and regret

If you want to give the new year everything you have, then you have to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made and the regrets of the past. Doing so might be easier said than done, but you can’t move forward and give a new plan, habit, strategy, or goal your full attention until you let go of previous failures and regret.

Everyone makes mistakes and comes face-to-face with failure. The key is moving forward with a new plan of attack and a refreshed mind.

While everyone’s situation is different, we hope the list of things to leave behind in the new year can help you become a personal injury attorney, doctor, entrepreneur, writer, artist, or whatever you desire.

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