Top 10 Facebook Tricks And Tips 2016

Facebook Tricks 2016:-

Screenshot_147ere is a collection of best and latest 10+ Facebook Tricks & Facebook Tips which we update on our blog. This collection Facebook tricks 2016. Facebook a Social networking website from whom no one is unknown these days. It allows you to connect with anyone all around the Globe and Chat with them, Share Videos & movies and many more. As everyone know How to basic things on Facebook, Here we will Share some of the Latest Working Tricks which make your facebooking more interesting. There Tricks are well researched by our team all Tricks working. So let’s Go through these tricks once and use in your facebook account.

In this Tricks We learn That Many Facebook Hidden Tricks which you might no. PakiTips Tell that Facebook Hidden Tricks For All Users. All Tricks will Working. Now Follow Our All Facebook Tricks.
More than 1 billion people use Facebook every day. Here are a few tricks that most people don’t know when it comes to privacy protection.
Facebook being
one of the most popular social networking site, comes with various Facebook tips and tricks. Here I have compiled a list of fb tricks that you would like to try on your Facebook profile. These below mentioned Facebook tips are evergreen and we will keep updating this Facebook tips and tricks post, as soon as we get out hands on more such fb tricks.



Now Start To Learn Facebook Tricks





Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days:-

You will have to change your  password  10 times.After Change 10 Time Password At a time So you Have Wait for 4 or 5 days After spend these Days So its automatically Option Of Change Your Name Now Change Name And Enjoy.

For More Learn About Name Change Click On This link.

Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days



Make Jungli Name ID On Facebook:-

 First Of All You Need To Install Any VPN In Mobile Or Google Chrome Extension. Hola VPN Is Best VPN. After Install Hola VPN In Mobile Or Chrome Extension. Now Set Spain Proxy In Hola VPN. After This Now Open This Link To Make Jungle Name

Click Here To Make Jungli Name

 Now Type Any Name And Make Jungli. Select Any Jungle Effect In Your Name.
Such As :-  






For More Learn About Jungli Name So Click On This Link.



Mention All Your Facebook Friends In One Click:-


 Now Open Your Google Chrome Browser in your PC. Now Open Facebook. Login To your Facebook Account. After Login Now Open Post Which want To Mention Your Friends In New Tab.  After Open Now Shortly Press From Your Key Board ( Ctrl+Shift+J).  Or Long Right Click from Your Mouse And Open Inspect Element And Open Console. Now Open This Link And Get Script.

Click Here To Get Script

Now Back On Facebook Post. Press Ctrl+V or Paste In Your Console. Then Press Enter.

For More Learn About Mention All Friends Click On this Link.

How To Mention All Your Facebook Friends In One Click




Change Facebook Color:-

First Of All Your Need To Open Any Browser. UC Browser Is Best. Now Login Your Facebook Account. After Login Now Press Ctrl+Shift+J    or     ” Open Inspect Element And Open Console “. Then Paste This Script In Console.

Click Here To Get Stylish DP Script

Now Press ” Enter ” .Your  Facebook Web Or Will Colorless.

For More Learn About Change Facebook Color Click On This Link.


How To Change Facebook Color




Get Many Friends Request In Few Hour:-

                                                                      You Need To make Any Fake Account On Facebook. After Make Now Secure Your Account Mean Give Email or Mobile Number. Now Set Fake DP or Cover. After Set when Your Fake Account Will Complete So Click On Find Friend. Then sent 25 Friends Request At time To Any Person.  Now you need to Logout Your ID. Wait few Hour . After Few Hour Now Open your facebook account or check your friends request. You will Get 1000+ Friends Request.

For More Learn About Make Many Friends Click On This link.



How To Make 5k Friend’s ID In Few Hours



Use Many Facebook Lite In One Mobile:-

If you use one mobile and you make many account on facebook. now you have need to many facebook on your mobile. So, Pakitips Give you 10 Facebook lite which you can use in your one mobile.

For More Learn About Facebook Lite Click on this Link And Download Many Facebook Lite.


How To Use Many Facebook Lite In One Mobile

Hack Facebook Account With Memory Card:-

Step:1) First Of All Take Your Memory Card To Your Friend Phone. Then Tell Him To Open His Facebook. When he login Facebook. After He Use Facebook. Now Get Back Your Memory Card From Your Friend. And Put It To Your Phone Back. Now Download Uc Handler V7.6 After Download Now Install Its And Open Uc Handler V7.6 After Open Now Type On Us Browser Search Bar.

After Open It. Now You Will See Your Friends Facebook I’d. Which he Login Use Your Facebook Friend ID and Enjoy.

Learn More About Facebook Hacking Click on This Link.


How To Hack Facebook Account With Memory Card




Code For Block Facebook ID:-

If you Want To Follow This Trick So You will Follow This Steps Which Are Given Below. Open Your Facebook Account Which Want To Block You. Now Open Profile. Now Copy Any Code From Here And Paste DP Picture Comment. Now Click Enter Your ID will Block.

Learn More About Block Code Or Get Code From this Link.


Code For Block Facebook ID




Save Account On Facebook:-

Only ‘Friend’ people you know. Create a Good And Strong Password and use it only for Facebook. Don’t share your password.Change your password on a Regular basis.Use a one-time password when using someone else’s computer. Log out of Facebook after using someone else’s computer. Keep your anti-virus software updated. Don’t paste script (code) in your browser address bar. Beware of enticing links coming from your Friends. Keep your browser and other applications up to date.

Learn More About Save Account On Facebook Click On This Link.


Save Account On Facebook




Make Facebook Card:-

                                        Open this link.

Click Here To Make Card

 After Open Click Generate. Now Facebook Will Open Automatically Click Ok. Your Facebook Card Will Make.

Learn More About Make Card Click On This Link.

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