Trunk 61x31x23 With Wheels Engineered To Hold Tools/Lighting Or Others With Caster Board Recessed Handle And Top Quality Pro Gauge Ball Corners One Black Interior Divider DEEJAYLED TBHTUT603724W

(as of UTC – Details)

FIVE INTERNAL COMPARTMENTS: Allows many storage alternatives, the adjustable section board allows more storage options. Enables you to use, mount or transport your own equipment. One black divider in the interior. Sufficient capacity and convenience
TOUGH DOUBLE EDGE TONGUE: Lightweight, designed to last as well as be equipped for mishandling. Detachable doors at the front and rear have steel link locks at each door. It is an accomplice to maintain secure throughout transportation
TRENCH CUSTOM CUT CUSHIONING FOAM: Designed to meet the rigors of the road, great for casual and professional work. It has balance and protection on both the back and side of the case when it is stored and built to withstand the rigors of the road
CHROME PLATED SPRING HANDLE: Robust aluminum construction, expert style with industry – recognized impact standards for optimal protection ideal for safe transportation. Fixed latches and handle allow stability when stacking multiple units
DURABLE ALUMINUM FRAME: Help with Mounting Hardware to ensure the finest protection for your equipment. Made with a lightweight aluminum frame and commercial plywood laminated to protect your gear. Rear side cable port for convenient cable access