How We Can Get Free VLC Media Player Magic 2016

VLC Media Player Magic:-



VLC Media Player Magic


VLC Media Player Magic



Step:1) Open your VLC Media Player.

Step:2) After open now Press  “Ctrl N”.
Step:3) Media wil open now you can click on URL Search and Typr ”  Screen://   “.

Step:4) Press Enter and show Magic.



About VLC Magic


VLC Media Player is the most popular and powerful media player yet available for Windows, Linux as well as Mac OS X. While providing basic media player features, this player is also providing very advanced settings and options for power users. It supports tons of video/audio formats, user can control playback and sound settings. The player is provided with very cool theme to make it look more stylish. And, above all, VLC Media Player is available to download and use for free.



The features of VLC makes it unmatchable from all the available media players. You might be using VLC Media Player from years and being a power user, you might have discovered and used every available feature of this player at least once but something is still left.

I can bet, there are still make important features and tools available inside VLC that you haven’t used yet. This article is dedicated to those hidden features and tools. Here in this article, I am going to tell you 10 VLC tips and tricks that will make VLC Media Player even more productive for you. I assure, some tricks that you see here will be totally unknown, new and interesting for you.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Tools >> Preferences
  • Choose Video from left sidebar and at output field choose “DirectX video output. Save it.
  • Now, restart VLC, play a video
  • Right-click on screen and navigate to Video >> DirectX Wallpaper

Enjoy watching video directly at your desktop


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